commissioned works

Your personality is best expressed by your unique neural signature. A CogniToo® visualizes these  particular brain activations in a sophisticated and artistic presentation. Experts in state-of-the-art  neuroscience and internationally working sculptors, painters and tattooists cooperate to present a personal snapshot of your thoughts, your emotions, or your memories and to capture your highly personal moments in a painting, a sculpture or a tattoo. The artist interprets the individual range of activity levels and generates a unique picture, which will be elaborated on canvas, in a sculpture, or directly on your skin.


A modern portrait from inside: The artist visualizes your innermost feelings and emotions and not only an image of your face. He/she knows you as a person and the context of the mapped emotions and expresses them in a personal way.
Open your mind and share it with others! Make a statement, express your personality and show your inimitable thoughts, emotions, or memories by a broad range of high-quality brain-art products.