art project

Our art project connects people from art and science to work in joint artistic research. Additionally the project seeks to question the meaning of statistical calculations, group analysis, and averages for the individual.
The idea is to capture an image of very personal emotions of an individual. We use functional magnetic resonance imaging when the person remembers a beautiful moment, faces a deep fear or is touched by a close relative for example.
People from art and science work closely together, knowing the "model" / "subject" and the context of the emotions to be represented. The team develops the scenery, which is presented in the scanner to evoke the emotions, collects the data, and chooses the evaluation methods and the particular form of data presentation.
Our project is neither about scientists inviting artists to look over their shoulders, or vice versa, nor is it about scientists producing something, which is received by artists, or vice versa. Our aim is to provide a discourse platform that allows the participants to reflect the contexts of neuroscience, emotion, model etc. In this regard, it is important, that the background of data acquisition, the individuals involved, the experience of the emotions etc., are taken as a basis, which helps everybody in the group to arrive at their own interpretations. These interpretations can be e.g., critical, excited or ironic.